distBoggle by Kryo

distBoggle is the wordgame Boggle for 1-MAXCLIENTS players playing together over TCP/IP. See screenshot. It is coded in C, has a ncurses text interface, and can use any textfile (UTF-8, one word per row) as dictionary.

After each round of play, all the missed words are shown. Next step the users see a list of all words written during the game that was possible to write but not part of the dictionary. All players vote on which they want to include, and if a word gets 100% it is added to the list.

Installation is easy, just run make.
To open a server on port 1789:
./server dictionaryfile
You can also specify game length and server name on the command line.
To join game:
./client nickname server
./server acronyms 180 boggle4ever
./client Player1 localhost

Get the source here:

We have two dictionary files available under the license Creative Commons ShareAlike:
500+ computer/network related acronyms (1.5 kB)
Swedish (near 400k words) (1.9 MB) based on DSSO from http://sv.speling.org

An english dictionary is often available at /usr/dict/words or /usr/share/dict/words.

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